Business Dispute Lawyer New Haven, CT

Business Dispute Lawyer New Haven, CTIf your company is in the middle of a dispute, you should speak to a business dispute lawyer New Haven, CT residents trust. The majority of businesses run into legal disputes at some time. An experienced lawyer can guide you through your dispute and give you sound legal advice.

Common Types of Business Disputes

While it would be ideal if businesses could operate without any type of conflict, it isn’t realistic. Here are the most common types of business disputes:

  • Partnership Disputes: As a business dispute lawyer in New Haven, CT can confirm, partnership disputes are the most common kind of business dispute and can be extremely disruptive. They typically result when there are financial issues, such as cash flow problems. Disputes can also occur when an owner or partner breaches their fiduciary duty to the business or other owners.
  • Employment Disputes: If you have multiple employees at your company, you may likely experience disputes from time to time. For example, employees may bring up disputes about discrimination, salary, maternity leave or termination. An effective way to reduce employee disputes is to encourage open communication and resolution among employees.
  • Breach of Contract: When you own a business, you’re bound to enter into several contracts. However, problems can arise when one party fails to honor their end of the agreement. In some situations, disputes occur if a contract is incomplete or unclear. That’s why it’s important to have an experienced business lawyer to help you draft your contract.
  • Stakeholder Disputes: These disputes occur when shareholders within a business clash over big decisions that may impact the company. Common shareholder disputes involving shareholders being denied input into management decisions and reduction of dividend payout. To avoid these disputes, have a shareholder’s agreement in place.
  • Rental Disputes: It’s common for businesses to rent their office space from other companies. Unfortunately, rental disputes can sometimes arise and force businesses to move. Common causes include modifications to the building, lack of payment, and maintenance.

What Should You Do if You Encounter a Business Dispute?

No matter what type of dispute your business has, it can be incredibly stressful. Your first step to be is to hire an experienced business lawyer in New Haven, CT. Even fairly minor disputes can be complex and time-consuming. Your lawyer can help you resolve the dispute in a timely manner and prevent it from disrupting your daily operations.

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