Shareholder Dispute Lawyer Connecticut

Shareholder Dispute Lawyer Connecticut - House and law concept, object only, nobody.If you are currently going through a shareholder dispute, it may be time to consult a shareholder dispute lawyer Connecticut residents trust. Shareholder disputes can be tricky and stressful, so it’s worth it to have a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer from Eric Lindh Foster Law, LLC on your side. Here are some common reasons for shareholder disputes.

Disagreements Over Direction of Company

Sometimes shareholder disputes can arise when not all shareholders agree on the direction a business is going. For example, if management has terminated a top individual in the company or decided to rebrand, it might not sit well with all the shareholders.

Minority Shareholders Don’t Feel Heard

Certain shareholders have less equity in a company than other shareholders. As a result, minority shareholders may not be able to make big decisions and feel left out. If minority shareholders feel very discontent about this, they may bring lawsuits to challenge certain decisions made by the majority.

A Shareholder Isn’t Contributing Enough

All shareholders are expected to pull their weight and contribute to the company. If one shareholder is not putting in sufficient effort, the other shareholders may become upset. They might feel resentful that they are working hard while one shareholder is not pulling his or her own weight. A shareholder agreement states what is expected out of each shareholder. In this situation, a shareholder dispute can also arise.

Conflict of Interest

Shareholder disputes can result from conflicting interests as well. For instance, if a shareholder gets involved with another business that is your company’s competition, it can create issues. To help avoid costly disputes, a Connecticut shareholder dispute lawyer may recommend specifying your shareholder agreement that the business’s interests come before a shareholder’s personal interests.

How to Resolve Shareholder Disputes

If possible, it is best to resolve shareholder disputes out of the courtroom. It is less costly and stressful for everyone involved. Therefore, if there is a shareholder dispute within your company, your first step should be to talk it out. Reread the shareholder agreement. If everyone understands each other’s rights and responsibilities, it may be feasible to reach an agreement.

If a dispute can’t be resolved, however, it may be necessary to go to court. If a shareholder will not abide by the shareholder agreement, a judge may have to enforce the agreement. If you have a dispute against a shareholder and are taking him or her to court, it may be wise to retain a lawyer. A shareholder dispute lawyer can represent you and make sure that your rights are protected.

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