Dissolution Lawyer Connecticut

If you are considering dissolving a business, you may want to consult a dissolution lawyer Connecticut residents trust - Clock falls apart, in the cloudy sky. Dispersion effect. The concept of the passing time. Business. Lifestyle.If you are considering dissolving a business, you may want to consult a dissolution lawyer Connecticut residents trust. Dissolving a company can be complex, it will be invaluable to have a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer from Eric Lindh Foster Law, LLC on your side. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when exiting a business.

Not Considering the Terms of Your Written Agreement

If you entered into a business with other partners, you likely have a partnership agreement in place. The document might outline the process each partner has to take when leaving the business. If this is the case, it is critical to read these terms and follow them. Otherwise, your partners may file a lawsuit against you.

Burning Bridges

When leaving a partnership, it is important to do so amicably. Even if you don’t have a good working relationship with your business partner, you should still thank your partner and be respectful. The last thing you want to do is burn any bridges in the business world. You never know when your paths might cross again.

Remember to Return Company Assets

Before you exit your business, don’t forget to return intellectual property, technology and other company property. If you neglect to return these items, you may be at risk of legal liability.

Failing to Talk About Your Plan with a Lawyer

Leaving your business is a big decision to make and you should not take it lightly. In fact, before you even tell your partners that you are leaving the business, you should discuss your plans with a Connecticut dissolution lawyer. He or she can review all of the business documents signed by and your partners and determine if legal issues may arise. If your lawyer does anticipate potential legal conflicts, he or she can advise you on how to properly handle them.

Not Paying Off Debts

Before you can leave your business, you are obligated to pay any debts you may have. Take the time to pay off everything you owe so that you don’t face legal complications in the future.

Schedule a Meeting to Speak with a Lawyer About Dissolving Your Business

If you have made the decision to dissolve your business, it is important to set up a meeting with a qualified dissolution lawyer. A lawyer will help you get through the dissolution as smoothly as possible and avoid potential legal issues down the road.

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