Contract Dispute Lawyer Connecticut

Contract Dispute Lawyer Connecticut - Close up of business colleagues negotiate on contract conditionsIf you have a contract dispute, you may want to get in touch with a contract dispute lawyer Connecticut residents trust. Whether it is a dispute with a vendor, employee or client, it can be quite stressful. A lawyer from Eric Lindh Foster Law, LLC can help you deal with the dispute as smoothly as possible.

Common Causes of Contract Disputes

As a business owner, you will likely enter into multiple contracts. While you may have no issues with some contracts, other contracts may lead to disputes. Here are some of the most common causes of contract disputes.


  • There aren’t contingency clauses. Good business contracts include contingency clauses, which state what will happen with a contract if an emergency arises. For example, if a natural disaster occurs and prevents a contractor from building a property, a contingency clause could protect them. If there is not a contingency clause or it is loosely defined, it can lead to disputes.
  • There is a breach of contract. This is one of the most common reasons why a contract dispute occurs. If one party fails to meet the obligations outlined in the contract, it can result in a breach of contract. Although it is possible to resolve a breach of contract without going to court, it can be more complicated if the breaching party denies his or her actions.
  • The contract was poorly written. An effective business contract must be clear, detailed and brief. If a contract is not written well, disputes are more likely to arise. That’s why it is worth it to hire a Connecticut contract dispute lawyer to review your contract. He or she will make sure that the contract is valid and contains the appropriate language.
  • There’s a disagreement about terminology. A contract dispute may also arise if one party interprets the terminology differently than other parties. That is why it is best to avoid overly technical terms and use simple terminology. This is especially true if parties are from different professional fields or backgrounds.
  • The roles are poorly defined. It is important for business contracts to include the roles and responsibilities of all parties. If the roles aren’t clear or easy to understand, parties can have different interpretations, which can lead to disputes.

What to Do If There’s a Contract Dispute

If you are currently facing a contract dispute, you may feel stressed and overwhelmed. While this is definitely a difficult situation to be in, you should not ignore it. It is important to address it promptly. Begin by discussing your case with a contract dispute lawyer. He or she can review the unique circumstances of your case and advise you of the next steps to take.

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