Who is the Top Foreclosure Lawyer in New Haven, CT?

Who is the Top Foreclosure Lawyer in New Haven, CT

When you are facing a home foreclosure, and you would like to find out whether or not you can prevent it from happening, you might consider hiring a lawyer. Naturally, you would want a great lawyer to represent your case. This will likely lead you to asking yourself a question like “Who is the top foreclosure lawyer in New Haven, CT?”

Who is the Top Foreclosure Lawyer in New Haven, CT?

You may be doing everything possible to save your home from foreclosure. You might be cutting costs in every area, but in the meantime the penalties and interest continues to accrue. Like trying to bail water from entering a leaky boat, your actions are likely not enough.

Luckily, there are options available. As a top foreclosure lawyer in New Haven, CT, Eric Lindh Foster Law, LLC has extensive experience and legal knowledge to help you with this dire situation. Count on Eric Lindh Foster Law, LLC, to provide you with effective counsel that may be able to stop foreclosure.

Defending Your Home from Lenders

As soon as you get behind on your mortgage, the lender will quickly become your very own adversary. The company who helped you to get your home will not be ready to help you keep your home. Rather, they will try to take it from you in a process known as foreclosure. Most people don’t pay their mortgage because they don’t want to. Typically, a hardship has set them back and kept them from being able to pay.

Fortunately, there are a number of practical solutions that can take care of mortgage debt problems. One of them might be right for you. To find out which is the best solution, you’ll need to think about who is the top foreclosure lawyer in New Haven, CT; afterwhich, you can call one for a consultation.

How to Stop a Foreclosure

There are several ways to stop a foreclosure, including:


  • Modify your mortgage loan, including changing your loan repayments or the payment amount
  • File for chapter 13 bankruptcy which could discharge credit card debt and other types of debt
  • Consider a lease buyback in which a nonprofit company buys your home and leases it back to you (this can be risky and should only be considered with the assistance of a lawyer)


How Can the Top New Haven, CT Foreclosure Lawyer Help You

A top foreclosure lawyer, such as one from Eric Lindh Foster Law, LLC, knows what lenders are required to comply with from the start of the loan, and how it should be serviced. Attorney Foster has extensive experience, and knows how to defend a mortgage, even in complex situations such as a divorce. We offer effective defense tactics that get results. Let us guide you through your options, and ensure the lender is strictly following all of the guidelines when trying to foreclose on your home. Let us help you to find a resolution or fight the foreclosure with the right legal guidance.

When you want to know who is the top foreclosure lawyer in New Haven, CT, look no further than Eric Lindh Foster Law, LLC. Call us now for a consultation.

Common Mistakes to Avoid During Foreclosure


Foreclosure is a scary and overwhelming process for any homeowner. You have to give up the home you love and might not be sure where you will live. Here are some common mistakes you should avoid during the process:



  • Ignoring the Lender: If you’ve missed several mortgage payments, expect your lender to contact you. While having these conversations with your lender might be uncomfortable at first, you shouldn’t ignore their calls. Your lender doesn’t want you to go into foreclosure because they will incur extra costs. If you speak to your lender, they may talk to you about other options to avoid foreclosure.
  • Damaging Your Home: If you’ve discovered that you’re facing foreclosure, you may feel angry and upset. However, that doesn’t mean you should do anything rash, like break your windows or tear down your walls. If you purposely damage your home, the lender could file a report of vandalism against you. This means you may have to pay more money after your foreclosure. If you’re having trouble coming to terms with your emotions regarding the foreclosure, consider speaking to a therapist.
  • Waiting Until the Last Minute to Get Help: Lenders can’t stop the foreclosure process until payments are 120 days delinquent. However, that doesn’t indicate you should wait until the last minute to take action. The sooner you act, the more options you will have available to you.
  • Fighting for a Home You Can’t Afford: If you’ve lived in your home for a while and feel attached to it, you may want to fight for it until the end. However, if you’ve missed several mortgage payments and lost your job, it might not be practical to continue fighting. You will just cost yourself more money and headaches in the long run.
  • Falling for Foreclosure Scams: Once you receive a foreclosure notice, you may likely start receiving calls from foreclosure prevention services that claim they can save your home. While it may be tempting to work with them, don’t fall for the scam. They’re not there to help you and will only charge you a hefty fee for their services.
  • Not Getting Legal Help: Many people who are facing foreclosure already have financial difficulties and may consider legal assistance an unnecessary expense. However, an experienced foreclosure lawyer will make you aware of all your legal options and may even be able to help stop the foreclosure. That’s why you should at least have a consultation with one. If you’re wondering who is the top foreclosure lawyer in New Haven, CT, ask your family and friends or look at reviews online.