Find a Foreclosure Lawyer in Middletown, CTFind a Foreclosure Lawyer in Middletown, CT

Foreclosure is a legal process that a lender may begin when a homeowner is unable to pay their mortgage. In general, the process can begin after the first late payment. Over the recent decade, millions of Americans have faced foreclosure. It is believed that in the coming near future, foreclosure rates will significantly increase because of the struggling economy. Many people who are concerned about losing their home will consider whether there are any alternative options available. This is when it can be useful to have a foreclosure lawyer on your side. If you would like to know how to find a foreclosure lawyer in Middletown, CT, consider the following tips. After, please call Eric Lindh Foster Law, LLC

How To Find a Foreclosure Lawyer in Middletown, CT

Think About What You Want from a Lawyer

Before you contact a lawyer, review the correspondence from the lender so that you understand your situation. Many people assume their home is being foreclosed when this is not always the case. Try to understand whether the bank is trying to foreclose, or rather they are at the stage of demanding payment. Are there any deadlines? Have you been given a formal notice? 

If you don’t have this correspondence, or don’t understand it, you can call the lender to ask them to clarify the situation for you. Once you have an idea of what is going on, you can begin to find a foreclosure lawyer in Middletown, CT. 

Review Your Finances

You may need to take a look at your financial situation and make a decision about whether you will try to keep your home. Be sure to make a list of your assets and compare them with any outstanding debts. Be realistic in what you can keep and what you cannot. 

If you wish to keep your home,  it may be a good time to find a Middletown, CT foreclosure lawyer who can help you to fight the lender. It must be said, that even if you don’t want to keep you home, having a lawyer can benefit you while you attempt to get out of the mortgage. 

Consider Bankruptcy

Have you considered filing for bankruptcy? If your debt outweighs your assets, a lawyer might recommend that you file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. This can help you to discharge some of your debts, and retain your mortgage. If this is something you are interested in, you should find a foreclosure lawyer in Middletown, CT who can also handle bankruptcy, such as Eric Lindh Foster Law, LLC.

Tips to Help You Find a Foreclosure Lawyer

  • Review you state or local bar association
  • Read reviews or ask for a recommendation
  • Search for a foreclosure lawyer or firm online
  • Schedule a consultation with a few firms to get an idea of their services

During your consultation, ask questions about your case and how the lawyer would likely handle it. A good foreclosure lawyer in Middletown, CT should talk with you in a way that you can fully understand, and without complicated legal jargon. Be sure to ask about their fees and billing processes. If you plan on filing for bankruptcy, it is important to confirm the lawyer has experience with the procedure and bankruptcy court.

At Eric Lindh Foster Law, LLC, Attorney Foster has been helping people stop a foreclosure, fight lenders, or file for bankruptcy. If you need to find a foreclosure lawyer in Middletown, CT, look no further than Eric Lindh Foster Law, LLC.