Top Lawyer for Bankruptcy Filing New London, CTTop Lawyer for Bankruptcy Filing New London, CT

If you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy, you are not alone. Between 2005 and 2017, at least 12.8 million Americans filed a petition for bankruptcy in the federal courts. Bankruptcy can offer you a fresh start, especially when you feel overwhelmed with debt. It also poses many questions that should be considered. One of these is whether or not you need a top lawyer for bankruptcy filing in New London, CT. This is most definitely an important consideration, and one that could avoid unnecessary decisions or costs. 

Considerations to Think About When You Want to File For Bankruptcy

Talk With a Bankruptcy Lawyer First

The number one recommendation from legal advocacy groups is to have at least consultation with a top lawyer for bankruptcy filing in New London, CT. Many firms offer free or affordable initial consultations. This time you take to speak with a lawyer could save you from making very expensive mistakes in the future.

At Eric Lindh Foster Law, LLC, we have known of many cases in which  people take advice from their friends or family. Although these people mean well, they don’t always have the right legal knowledge or understanding needed to give you the right guidance. Lawyer, Eric Lindh would like to advise anyone interested in filing for bankruptcy to call our firm for a consultation. 

There Are Different Kinds of Bankruptcy

There are several forms of bankruptcy with the most common being Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Knowing the differences can help you to make smart decisions. Our top lawyers for bankruptcy filing in New London, CT would be happy to explain to you what the differences are and whether or not you qualify. 

Think Hard Before Your Transfer Your Assets

As a top New London, Connecticut lawyer for filing bankruptcy, our firm often see’s people transfer assets, such as a house or car, to another person just before they take the steps for filing. They do this to protect the asset; however, what they may not realize is this could result in the complete inability to do so. 

Getting a Loan After You File

Many people assume their credit is ruined after filing for bankruptcy. They might even believe they won’t be able to buy a house or car. As a top lawyer for bankruptcy filing in New London, CT, we would like you to know this is not true. It may take some time to rebuild your credit, but you can usually get a loan as long as you are willing to pay a higher interest rate. 

Bankruptcy Cannot Clear All Debt

Some forms of debt cannot be wiped out in bankruptcy. For example, federal or student loans, as well as child support debt typically cannot be negated. That said, there are different rules and circumstances that may apply. Talking with the right lawyer, such as one from Eric Lindh Foster Law, LLC, can help you to know what debt may be wiped out in your own case matter. 

Don’t Feel Any Shame, Call a Top Bankruptcy Lawyer from Eric Lindh Foster Law, LLC,

Many people feel ashamed or worried about filing for bankruptcy. People in these situations typically get here because of a series of events that are beyond their control. Prolonged illness or job loss are just two examples of many. If you have too much debt, and need a fresh financial start, don’t let any hard feelings prevent you from taking the first steps. Filing for bankruptcy may be the right thing to do. Call a top lawyer for bankruptcy filing in New London, CT, Call Eric Lindh Foster Law, LLC.