Business Dissolution Lawyer, CT

Business Dissolution Lawyer, CTAt Eric Lindh Foster Law, LLC, a business dissolution lawyer in CT knows there are many reasons that people begin lawsuits. So, the chances that your business will get sued during the lifetime of your company is likely. Since cases can differ widely between transactional and litigation needs, many require specialty attorneys. It is in the best interest of your company to turn your business information over to someone that understands the particular nuances of the law you need help with. That is why you should know the different types of business lawyer firms you can hire if your company gets sued.

Types of Lawyers

The transactional lawyer can help you prepare documents, understand regulations, and advise on paperwork for your company. They can also assist in acquiring or exiting a business. However, the transactional lawyer will not represent you in court.

The litigation attorney works with lawsuits, court documents, and specialty motions. They often begin when the transaction, contract, or property deal is in dispute or has been violated. Here are three types of litigation lawyers you should know about.

Employment Lawyer

If your business has employees, it makes sense that an employee may become disgruntled with your decision to terminate them. You could also face accusations of sexual harassment or workplace discrimination. Should you get sued by a former employee, contact a business lawyer that specializes in employment law. They can best represent your business in court because the law changes at least once a year, and they stay informed.

General Lawyer

The general business lawyer can offer your company legal advice in a variety of legal matters. If you have questions about business formation, conflict resolution, corporate trial law, and general legal matters, this is the attorney you would turn to. This type of transaction and general lawyer can also help your business by reviewing or drafting documents, securing property leases, and changing business entities prior to any litigation associated with the documents.

For assistance with a business-related issue or question, don’t hesitate to call a Connecticut business dissolution lawyer from Eric Lindh Foster Law, LLC now.

Tax Lawyer

Business taxes can become very convoluted and complicated. That is why if you ever face a court case concerning money matters, you should rely on the help of an attorney that is a Certified Public Accountant or a specialized tax lawyer. Legal action surrounding your business’s finances can quickly cripple how the company functions, so it is best to have a qualified individual in charge of your case.

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Hiring a business lawyer is a smart move when you establish your company, and you should turn to them whenever you need advice. No matter what type of litigation your company experiences, a business lawyer can defend you. Working with someone who understands the court system’s intricacies and your problems can help you rest easy at night. Call a CT business dissolution lawyer from Eric Lindh Foster Law, LLC today for support.