Business Lawyers

Connecticut Business LawyersAs an experienced Connecticut Business Lawyer, Eric Lindh Foster represents both small businesses and new ventures in connection with a wide variety of legal matters. Connecticut Business Lawyer Foster routinely facilitates the formation of Connecticut and Delaware’s limited liability companies (LLCs), limited partnerships, S-Corporations, and C-Corporations. He also provides part-time business law and general counsel services, including board and management resolutions, recording meeting minutes, amendments to bylaws, and other government business legal services in Connecticut. Business Lawyer Foster also represents business owners and managers connected with real estate acquisitions, commercial real estate loans, bank credit facilities, commercial real estate refinancings, and lease negotiations in Connecticut.

Our business Lawyer, Eric Lindh Foster, also assists small business clients in connection with commercial collections disputes and representing our clients in court in general commercial litigation matters.

Take the Right Steps with a Business Lawyer

Whether you are a well-established business or in the initial phases of a startup, Connecticut business lawyers can play a critical role in managing business issues that, if left neglected, could be incredibly damaging. There are many reasons to contact a lawyer, and doing so should be one of the first steps taken. Business owners can put their best foot forward by taking the time to locate an area lawyer that they can rely on to protect their business and help to ensure its success. Chances are, after conducting extensive research, you will consider the experience and tenacity that Eric Lindh Foster Law, LLC offers. 

Reasons to Hire a Business Lawyer

Owning your own business is not for the faint of heart. Business owners pour their time, energy, and finances into building a successful business. While it’s possible to move forward with running a business without a lawyer, it’s not recommended. The last thing any person wants is to make their company vulnerable to costly legal issues down the road. Critical reasons for hiring a business lawyer include:

  • To help choose the appropriate business structure that is in the best interest of the business
  • To ensure compliance with state and federal laws
  • Reviewing and developing contracts
  • Assistance with managing employment issues
  • Ensuring that all intellectual property is protected
  • Assisting with mitigating legal problems before they become a larger issue

Navigating business law can be complicated territory, and know that without the proper legal experience, the possible missteps can be costly, even leaving a lasting impact on your business. A lawyer will work to protect business interests and help with success. 

Finding an Area Lawyer to Depend on 

The first place to start with locating a lawyer to represent your Connecticut business is to conduct the proper research to ensure that you find the right lawyer for the job. Keep the following tips in mind when searching for a business lawyer:

  • Conduct online research
  • Read reviews
  • Ask people you know
  • Choose a lawyer with experience
  • Determine your need and choose a lawyer who can meet these needs
  • Consider the size of the practice
  • Schedule a consultation with prospective lawyers

Once you have narrowed down your options, it’s imperative that you first meet with lawyers. A consultation is mutually beneficial for both lawyers and prospective clients. Scheduling a consultation allows prospective clients to ask questions, share information, and determine whether it’s in their best interest to obtain our services. To make the most of the allotted time, carefully prepare for the consultation by: 

  • Preparing a list of questions
  • Bringing all necessary documents
  • Writing down any notes or information to be sure you leave nothing out about your business
  • Asking the business lawyer questions about their experience
  • Having a clear idea of legal fees ahead of time so you can plan accordingly

Once you have conducted research, we are confident that you will set your sites on our firm and the services we have to offer. By choosing our Connecticut firm, you will receive:

  • Business law experience you can depend on
  • To have your interests protected
  • The ability to stop problems before they become more extensive 
  • Legal counsel that will align with the goals of your business

Eric Lindh Foster Law, LLC has more than 28 years of legal experience and is dedicated to helping our clients by protecting their rights and providing them counsel to build upon their successes. To learn more about how our business lawyers can assist, schedule a consultation today.