Connecticut Consumer Debt Lawyer Explains The Stages of Debt Collection

As a Connecticut Consumer Debt Lawyer, I often get asked about the stages of debt collection in Connecticut.  I tell them that it starts with you receiving phone calls from the issuer of the credit or the bank, asking you to pay the debt.  These calls are followed by an internal department of the bank trying to restructure or renegotiate and propose new payment terms.  Unfortunately, after 90 days, a bank will write off your debt and then often send it to a debt collection agency, which is a third party that specializes in pursuing the collection of a consumer debt. and these calls can get increasingly more intimidating and aggressive.  As a Connecticut Consumer Debt Lawyer I often tell clients that they may get a letter where they’re trying to notify you that they are attempting to collect a debt.

If you need help in the stages of debt collection, contact our experienced Connecticut Consumer Debt Lawyer.

This informational video was brought to you by Attorney Eric L. Foster, an experienced Connecticut Consumer Debt Lawyer.

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