Credit Card Debt Lawyer

Eliminate Your Debt in Connecticut

Connecticut Credit Card Debt LawyerIf you are facing a large amount of credit card debt and can no longer seem to get caught up on your payments, reaching out to a CT Credit Card Debt Lawyer, who is also a bankruptcy attorney, should be your first step. An experienced bankruptcy and CT Credit Card Debt Lawyer can help you explore your options and figure out what to do with your credit cards. Eric Lindh Foster Law, LLC knows how difficult it is to deal with debt issues. We also know the great feeling of relief that comes with taking action and facing the issues head-on. When faced with a large debt from a credit card, it is crucial to take action as soon as possible.

Credit Card Debt Relief & Bankruptcy Law

Some people will try to pay off their credit card debt, but this can take years to pay back when you can only afford minimum payments. If qualified, many may choose to file bankruptcy to erase their credit card debt.

Others opt to consolidate their credit card debt, but this will not lower what you owe, and you could still face harassing collection calls.

At Eric Lindh Foster Law, Attorney Foster will aggressively negotiate with creditors to drastically lower the amount of debt owed and give you a reasonable payment that you can afford. If you live in Connecticut and are struggling with credit card debt, it is extremely important to have an experienced CT Credit Card Debt Lawyer. Lindh Foster Law has the in-depth knowledge of bankruptcy law, credit card and medical debt collection litigation, and debt settlement necessary to take action.

Dedication You Can Trust

If you are dealing with a large debt from credit cards in Connecticut, experienced CT Credit Card Debt Lawyer Eric Foster has over 28 years of legal experience to take on your credit card debt. We offer a free consultation to evaluate your options and to help you understand how to make a positive step in your financial future.

Credit Card Debt Lawyer

Connecticut Credit Card Debt Lawyer

Our credit card debt lawyer has seen firsthand the many ways that credit card debt can add up, suddenly becoming overwhelming and nearly impossible to manage. Credit card debt can be crushing, impacting almost every aspect of a person’s life. For debtors, it can be challenging to see a way out of the problem. It’s important to know that there are options for taking back control of the debts you owe. At Eric Lindh Foster Law, LLC, we aim to help our clients by reviewing their situation, ensuring their rights are protected, and presenting them with financial relief options. Even though debts can feel as though there is no way out, it’s essential to know that things are not as hopeless as they may appear. There are several reasons people choose to file for bankruptcy in Connecticut. Being able to identify the signs that bankruptcy is the best option will be critical for making decisions that can alleviate the financial pressure you are facing. 

Reasons People File for Bankruptcy

There are several reasons people choose bankruptcy as an option for financial relief. The most common types of filings for personal bankruptcy are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Chapter 7 is known as a liquidation bankruptcy that requires meeting specific requirements to qualify and will wipe out many unsecured debts. Chapter 13 is appropriate for those who don’t qualify and have the ability to repay much of their debts. This is known as the wage earners plan and involves paying back many debts over a 3-5 year timeframe. What may be surprising is that many debts that result in bankruptcy are often due to unforeseen circumstances. Here are common reasons people choose bankruptcy in Connecticut:

  • Job Loss or Loss of Pay
  • Credit Card Debts
  • Medical Expenses
  • Lack of Savings
  • Unexpected Emergencies

While there may be alternatives to filing for bankruptcy in some cases, options like debt consolidation or debt relief services may not be the right solution. However, after speaking with a legal professional regarding your debts, you may determine that filing for bankruptcy is in your best interest. 

Signs Bankruptcy May be the Best Option

Our credit card debt lawyer knows that it comes as no surprise that bankruptcy carries a certain stigma. There is nothing worse than being unable to repay debts that have been incurred. Yet- bankruptcy may be the best way to achieve financial freedom. Crushing debts that you cannot pay and constant calls from creditors can be stressful, shameful, and overwhelming. Chances are, you will want to put this whole thing behind you and start fresh. Being able to recognize the signs that bankruptcy is the best option for you can provide both relief and satisfaction in knowing that you are making a smart financial decision for yourself and your family: 

  • You are struggling to pay your usual bills
  • You are not able to cover all of your bills each month
  • You are using credit to pay for the basics
  • You are at risk of losing your home
  • Your debts equal more than half of your income

It’s essential to be aware that not all financial difficulties result from frivolous or irresponsible spending. Debt often accrues because of unforeseen circumstances or economic hardship that require borrowing money or using credit to make ends meet or pay for day-to-day living expenses. Eric Lindh Foster Law, LLC knows that debts can be overwhelming, and as a result, debtors may be left to feel hopeless about their situation. However, our Connecticut team is here to tell you that there are options available. Taking action by contacting our firm is just the first step. To learn more about your financial relief options through bankruptcy, contact our credit card debt lawyer for help.