Credit Report Lawyer New Haven, CT


Credit Report Lawyer New Haven, CT

A qualified and experienced credit report lawyer that New Haven, Connecticut trusts understands the importance of an accurate credit report. People rely on credit reports to inform them of their credit score, and a healthy credit score can help people qualify for loans, purchase a house, buy a car, and more. Not having good credit can prevent someone from obtaining the home they’ve been saving for or buying a new car for their commute. If you find a suspicious discrepancy in your credit report, you should take quick action and consult with a lawyer to talk about your situation, like one from Eric Lindh Foster Law, LLC.


Credit Report Lawyer in New Haven, CT

Many people have experienced dire financial issues at some in their life. While some issues can be resolved fairly quickly and easily, others may require the help of a legal professional. Credit reports that contain mistakes are one type of financial problem that should be remedied fast. Sometimes however, a credit reporting bureau is not willing to cooperate or fails to properly fix the error. If you want more information regarding your debtor rights, it is recommended that you speak to a skilled lawyer who has had a strong record of helping clients resolve their credit report issues.


How A Lawyer Can Help You With a Claim

If you need legal assistance disputing an inaccuracy in your credit report, a New Haven, CT credit report lawyer can help you in many ways. They specialize in helping clients understand their legal rights, evaluate a client’s financial situation, and keep their clients from landing in bankruptcy court. Debtor rights lawyers have experience handling issues such as consumers’ rights, issues concerning debt collection, and other topics related to debtor-creditor law.

Common Credit Report Errors 

The major credit bureaus are TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. They allow consumers to file a dispute if they notice an error in their credit report. Frequently reported errors in credit reports include: 

  • Late payments
  • Failure to make a payment
  • Fraudulent accounts
  • Outdated information
  • Inaccurate payment amounts
  • Inaccurate account information (misspellings, etc.)

What to Do If You Have an Inaccurate Credit Report

Here are several key actions you need to take if you find a mistake in your credit report:

  • Print out a copy of your report for your records
  • Write a letter to the credit bureau
  • Determine the company who provided the specific credit information
  • Wait for investigation results

A lawyer can help you if you need more detailed guidance regarding actions to take for credit report disputes.


Legal Assistance Is Available 

Lawyers understand how problems with credit can cause a lot of undue stress and frustration. Fortunately, clients facing this issue can lean on the support of an experienced lawyer who knows how to resolve credit issues. If you have dealt with a recent financial event such as bankruptcy, it is even more crucial that any problems with your credit are addressed and taken care of early. For a consultation regarding your debtor rights and legal assistance for disputing an inaccurate credit report, contact a credit report lawyer that New Haven, CT relies on now.