Foreclosure Defense and Mediation

Foreclosure Defense and Mediation Connecticut


What does foreclosure mean for me?

Foreclosure defense and mediation in Connecticut can be frightening and overwhelming, and it can greatly affect your life. If you’re a homeowner who is paying off a mortgage, chances are you’re more than a little familiar with what a foreclosure is, but how bad can it be for you, and how can you avoid the consequences altogether?

While it may seem easy to simply pay off your loan in order to avoid foreclosure, sometimes the unexpected happens (or the servicer makes a mistake) and you might be facing a foreclosure despite your best efforts. This is every homeowner’s nightmare, and for good reason, too:

The Consequences of Foreclosure

The biggest consequence of foreclosure in Connecticut is eviction. Imagine being kicked out of your own home – someplace you’ve lived for several years – and then having nowhere to turn to. Of course, you could try and move into a new home, but if you have a foreclosure on your record, you can expect to have severely damaged credit, which would make the process much more difficult when you look for a new place to live.

A foreclosure can ruin a life. The stress and embarrassment are secondary to the negative impact of an eviction and damaged credit, so don’t accept a foreclosure without a fight.

What can foreclosure lawyers do for you?

If you decide to fight your foreclosure, it can be a rocky road unless you have the proper legal counsel to help you. A foreclosure is not always the debtor’s fault: in CT, there are proper procedures in place to ensure a foreclosure is carried out legally, and sometimes the party responsible for managing the loan (also known as the servicer) makes mistakes.

A foreclosure lawyer can uncover procedural mistakes and keep you in your home. For example, a servicer could be dual-tracking: this means they’re still processing your foreclosure even though you have a pending application for a foreclosure alternative. Dual-tracking is a  violation of federal law, and your foreclosure lawyer could fight the case and get you your house back.

Foreclosure lawyers are valuable allies to have in times of need, and that’s why you should always look for the best foreclosure defense and mediation in Connecticut.

Eric Lindh Foster is here to help.

Eric Lindh Foster is an experienced business lawyer and debtor rights attorney with over 28 years of experience. Whether it’s providing information on the foreclosure process or working with you to uncover procedural oversight and mistakes on the part of the servicer, the law firm of Eric Lindh Foster Law, LLC, can help you fight your foreclosure and keep your home in Connecticut. Attorney Foster has extensive experience in foreclosure defense and mediation, and at Eric Lindh Foster Law, LLC, we are dedicated to assisting our clients with whatever stage of their foreclosure fight they might be facing.

A foreclosure has the potential to ruin your life. Don’t wait until it’s too late – contact a dedicated foreclosure lawyer from the law firm of Eric Lindh Foster Law, LLC, and fight for your home!