Hartford County Debtor Rights Lawyer Discusses Illegal Debt Collection Activities

Very often as a Hartford County Debtor Rights Lawyer I get questions about illegal debt collection activities.  I advise clients that many debt collection practices are illegal and unlawful. Generally, any practice that is fraudulent and deceptive is unlawful under US law.  These more nefarious activities include threatening to report you to the immigration authorities, contacting your neighbors and informing them of your debt. As a Hartford County Debtor Rights Attorney I advise people that other illegal activities includes calling you at work when you’ve advised them it’s distressing to do so, calling your cell phone in certain circumstances, and making untrue representations to you regarding the debt.

If you need help putting a stop to Illegal Debt Collection Activities, please contact our experienced Hartford County Debtor Rights Lawyer.

This informational video was brought to you by Attorney Eric L. Foster, an experienced Hartford County Debtor Rights Lawyer.

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